Hospitalists are physicians who are often trained in general medicine and have chosen to specialize in the care of hospital patients. They are experienced in dealing with the kinds of illnesses that bring people into a hospital. Hospitalists are also very familiar with the inner workings of a hospital and often act as a facilitator between you and the various services of the hospital and its staff.

Bay Area Medical Center's hospitalists care for patients with a wide range of health problems, and they work full time here at BAMC. They are part of a team responsible for seeing that you get the care and services you need while you are a patient at BAMC.

BAMC's hospitalists typically manage the care of three kinds of patients:

  • Patients who do not have a primary care doctor they see regularly.
  • Patients whose primary care doctor is not in our area or is not on staff at BAMC.
  • Patients whose local doctor refers them to a hospitalist to oversee their care while in the hospital.

Many primary care providers refer patients to hospitalists for treatment during the full duration of their hospitalization. The primary care provider voluntarily makes the decision to refer that patient to a hospitalist.

Our hospitalists are available for any doctor who wishes to have them manage their patient's stay at BAMC.