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Board of directors

The Bay Area Medical Center board of directors is comprised of 5 members appointed by the Marinette and Menominee Healthcare Board and 4 members appointed by the Aurora Health Care Board. Board members serve 4-year terms.

  • Tony Furton
    Tony Furton

  • Jeffrey Bard
    Jeffrey Bard
    Board Chair
  • William Mallory, MD
    William Mallory, MD
  • Pat Krah
    Pat Krah
    Board Vice Chair

  • Stephen Caselton, MD
  • Sandy Ewald
    Sandy Ewald
  • Chuck Hawkins
    Chuck Hawkins
  • Marc Jamo
    Marc Jamo
  • Pat O'Hara
    Pat O'Hara

  • Dr. Joshua Riebe, Ex-Officio

Medical executive committee

The medical executive committee has the primary authority for activities related to self-governance of the BAMC medical staff and for performance improvement of the professional services provided by all practitioners privileged through the medical staff process. In 2016, there were more than 170 providers on the medical staff at Bay Area Medical Center.

  • Stephen Caselton, MD    
  • Shadi Hamdan, MD
  • Michael Karkkainen, MD    
  • Sandra MacArthur, MD    
  • Robert Maccani, DO    
  • William Mallory, MD
  • Alexander Mamonov, MD   
  • Edgar Massabni, MD 
  • Jocelyn Moore, MD   
  • Joshua Riebe, MD    
  • Brandon Scharer, MD
  • Christopher Mason, DO   
  • James Foster, MD

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