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About us

Please help us continue to provide excellence in healthcare in our communities!

Our mission: To assist in the delivery of high-quality healthcare by raising funds to support growth and technological advances at Bay Area Medical Center (BAMC); to honor donors' requests for the use of their contributions; and to earn their trust by being responsible stewards of all charitable contributions.

At BAMC, your good health is our No.1 concern. The changing climate of the healthcare industry demands continuing improvement. We are proud to provide you with the best healthcare available in the area, and we intend to continue to upgrade our facility on a regular basis and strive to provide low-cost screenings and preventive care to all in need.

That's 1 of the reasons the BAMC Foundation was created.

BAMC is committed to serving the people of Marinette and Menominee counties and the surrounding areas. For over a century, local hospitals, including St. Joseph's-Lloyd and Marinette General, have done an exemplary job of providing healthcare. BAMC, which was created in 1985 by a merger between Marinette General and Menominee County Lloyd hospitals, carries on a long tradition of providing high-quality local healthcare. We provide 1st-rate medical services to those in need without regard to race, religion or ability to pay.

Providing high-quality healthcare takes considerable resources, and BAMC needs your support. Through our charitable foundation, BAMC provides many options for individuals, families, corporations and others to support growth and technological advances at BAMC for years to come.

Foundation board

  • Sam Hofer, Chair
  • Terri Derusha, Secretary
  • Greta Hodge, Treasurer
  • Marc Jamo
  • Shadi Hamdan, MD
  • John Hofer, Ex-Officio
  • Ed Harding, Ex-Officio
  • Matthew Huff, Ex-Officio

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