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About Jim Hodge

Runners and Walkers in the Marinette/Menominee Area will be able to participate in the 7th Annual Jim Hodge Memorial Run, Saturday, June 16th starting at 8:00 am. The memorial run will be held at the Greater Marinette-Menominee YMCA located in Menominee, Mi.

Jim was very devoted to his community from the time he arrived in Menominee until his passing. He worked for the Menominee Public School system and served in leadership roles for many local organizations, including being the President of the Bay Area Medical Center Board. Jim lost his battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis, a condition that damages the lungs and impairs the transfer of oxygen to other organs.

“Jim gave a lot and he had a lot more to give but, unfortunately, his life was cut short by an awful disease. I really want to promote organ donation through our run and encourage everyone to sign up for organ donation” said Greta Hodge, Jim’s wife and race founder. ‘If that one unselfish act of signing up to be an organ donor could give someone else a second chance at life, what a blessing that would be.’ Greta continued.

The Jim Hodge Memorial Run is to support those in our community who require treatment for a lung condition, encourage organ donation, and to keep the memory of Jim alive and active in the community. ‘We hope to keep the Jim Hodge Memorial Run alive and growing and encourage everyone to come out and have fun, either running or walking’ Greta states.

‘I know how he liked to help people and I feel that giving back to our community through the BAMC Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab Center is just one way to remember and honor a great guy’ says Greta. Last year the race raised over $20,000 with all proceeds going to BAMC’s Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab Center.

‘Over the last several years, the BAMC Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation department was graciously provided with new equipment from the Jim Hodge Foundation. Participants in both the Cardiac and Pulmonary programs have greatly benefited from new strength training equipment which is used on a daily basis to help improve their ability to perform daily activities. Returning participants to the daily and recreational activities that they love safely represents the overall goal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, and the generous donations from the Jim Hodge foundation have greatly helped’ said Tory Wettstein, Exercise Physiologist at BAMC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Department.

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