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Five Wishes

Five Wishes is an Advance Directive that has helped millions of people communicate their desires for what types of care they wish to receive in case they become seriously ill and are unable to speak for themselves.  Five Wishes is written in simple easy to understand language, and takes very little time to complete.

Having an Advance Directive allows important decisions to be made before a serious illness occurs.  Completing Five Wishes helps start discussions with loved ones about what kind of healthcare you want - or don't want - in the event that you cannot decide for yourself.  This helps your loved ones to avoid guessing and gives them peace of mind.  Five Wishes is the first living will to address personal, emotional, and spiritual needs, along with medical wishes.

Once you fill out Five Wishes, you should bring a copy to all healthcare providers you see.  The document will become part of your official medical record to be followed by all providers over the course of your care.  If you do not bring a copy to your healthcare provider, they will not be able to honor your wishes.

The Five Wishes document is useful for adults of all ages.  Five Wishes is accepted in 42 states, including both Michigan and Wisconsin, and is helpful in all 50.

Five Wishes include:

Wish 1: The Person I Want to Make Health Care Decisions for Me When I Can't

Wish 2: The Kind of Medical Treatment I Want or Don't Want

Wish 3: How Comfortable I Want to Be

Wish 4: How I Want People to Treat Me

Wish 5: What I Want My Loved Ones to Know

Five Wishes assigns a Medical Power of Attorney to take over your healthcare decisions only if you become medically unable to do so yourself.  It is important to plan ahead; you never know when these types of decisions will come in handy.

Bay Area Medical Center and The Foundation of Bay Area Medical Center are sponsor a series of workshops to explain the Five Wishes program and provide you immediate assistance in working through the process.

The workshops are free and you may bring a family member with you.  Workshops are conducted by the BAMC Chaplin.

The sessions will include a 45 minute presentation to explain the program and the booklet, followed by 30 minutes of assistance  in help you fill out  the book.  Beverages and light snacks are provided.

To see a list of scheduled workshops, CLICK HERE.

To view a video of our Chaplin explaining the program, CLICK HERE.

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