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Mammograms can help save lives.  At Bay Area Medical Center (BAMC), our expert team uses the latest digital mammogram machines to ensure fast and accurate results. 

We also offer free mammograms to women who don't have health insurance - because a mammogram's cost shouldn't keep women from getting this life-saving test.

Clear fast results with digital mammograms

Women who get a mammogram at BAMC can benefit from our high-quality digital mammography equipment.

Digital mammograms have a number of benefits over film mammograms including:

  • Better contrast between dense and non-dense breast tissue.
  • Less exposure to radiation.
  • Shorter exams.
  • Less need for patients to come back for additional tests.
  • Easier image storage - quicker retrieval of images when needed.
  • More accurate results because of the ability to zoom in on an area.
  • Ability to send images to another doctor's computer for a second opinion.

Nurse Navigator

Our certified Nurse Navigators serve as a clinician, care coordinator, educator and counselor for patients undergoing breast issues.

Women who have abnormal mammogram results will meet with our Nurse Navigator who will explain the test results.  If further services are needed, the nurse navigator will help women schedule those services right away.

Our Nurse Navigators perform free Breast Cancer Risk Assessments upon request.  These assessments calculate your likelihood of getting breast cancer within the next 5 years, as well as your lifetime breast cancer risk. The assessments compare you  with other women your same age based on your personal risk factors.

Free Mammograms at BAMC

BAMC's free breast cancer screening program is open to women who live in Marinette and Menominee counties and have no health insurance.

Our Nurse Navigators can share information on women's health programs that are available to uninsured  and underinsured women living in Marinette (WI Well Women Program) and Menominee (Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program) counties.  Often these programs help cover the costs of mammograms and other women's services at no cost to eligible women.  We will help women determine their eligibility and enroll them in the program whenever possible.  Women who are not eligible  can receive the following:

  • Women aged 40 - 50 years old are eligible to have 1 free mammogram every other year.
  • Women over age 50 to have 1 free mammogram every year.

Schedule a mammogram

To schedule a mammogram or to learn more about getting a free mammogram, call 715-735-4202

We offer evening appointments for your convenience.  A mammography appointment takes only about 30 minutes and you will receive a call the following day with your results.

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