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Respiratory protection program

Baseline and periodic medical approval is required for all employees that wear respirators as a condition of their job. Bay Area Medical Center's respiratory protection program services support an employer's occupational health and safety program by providing respiratory questionnaire review, medical examination, respiratory fitness evaluation, education and fit testing in accordance with OSHA's Respiratory Protection Standard 1910.134.

Components of the program:

  • Review of respiratory questionnaire to assess employee's respiratory system and determine respiratory health.
  • If required, a medical examination to ensure that the worker is physically able to perform the work while wearing the equipment.    
  • If indicated, spirometry evaluation to measure employee's breathing capacity.    
  • N-95 Respirator fit testing to determine if the respirator affords adequate protection to the user.    
  • OSHA-required documentation of medical ability to wear a respirator, proper respirator fit and appropriate education.    
  • Assistance in developing a respiratory protection policy and program.

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