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Workers' compensation

The Bay Area Medical Center's (BAMC) workers' compensation services are designed to open and maintain the lines of communication between employee, employer and other care providers to optimize timely recuperation.

Features include:

  • Quality medical care provided in a timely manner by a board-certified occupational health physician.    
  • A proactive philosophy in returning injured workers to the job and minimizing time loss.    
  • Injury care coordinated with the BAMC emergency center for 24-hour care.    
  • Coordinated services with occupational rehabilitation.    
  • Coordination of care with quality specialists, if referrals are necessary.    
  • Post-accident drug screens completed at time of care, if required.


  • Quality injury and illness care provided promptly.    
  • Consistent, coordinated care.    
  • Decreased workers' compensation costs due to appropriate medical care/follow-up.    
  • Decreased lost time from work due to early return-to-work philosophy, resulting in decreased productivity losses.

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