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Obstetrics and gynecology

Bay Area Medical Center (BAMC) offers 5 fully equipped labor and delivery suites, complete with rocking chairs, oak cabinets and various homey accessories. Single-room maternity care is just part of the family-centered mother and baby care that BAMC offers. With a 13-bed OB-GYN unit, specially trained staff, and the latest high-tech equipment and comfort medication, BAMC has all the elements needed for a safe delivery.

Pain management

Labor pain management is a topic that should be discussed with your provider before you go into active labor. Here are some brochures with information on the options available at BAMC.

Patient testimonials

See what new moms are saying about their experience delivering at BAMC!

Infant security

BAMC makes sure that your newborn is safe at all times. Systems in place to protect you and your baby include locked obstetrics (OB) areas, security cameras, WanderGuard sensors and special OB nurse ID tags so you will know who is authorized to care for your baby during your stay and that your baby is always safe with them.

Complimentary dinner

To celebrate the birth of your child, BAMC dietary services offer you and your guest a complimentary gourmet meal. With options that include chicken, steak, shrimp, a vegetarian entrée, a side dish and dessert, there is something for everyone.

Visiting hours

In general, your partner, support person and children may visit at any time. We ask that others visit between 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you wish to limit visitors, let your nurse know. We ask that anyone with symptoms of an illness not visit the hospital.

By starting visiting hours at 10 a.m., it gives a chance for new moms to visit with their doctor and their baby's doctor, have some education time with staff, and get some personal time for care before the rush of visitors starts. For privacy, we may ask that visitors step out of the room when the physician makes rounds to mom and baby. Restrooms for visitors are located in the hallway right outside the OB department.

Internet access

For your convenience, we have a computer in the waiting lounge with Internet access. Please feel free to use it to catch up on your emails and contact family and friends. Cellphone use is permitted in the OB department.

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